Dissecting Digital Assets: Cryptocurrencies vs Stablecoins

The FinTech landscape is experiencing a paradigm shift as cryptocurrencies and stablecoins redefine conventional transactional concepts. These digital assets possess commonalities yet exhibit stark contrasts, particularly with regard to their utility and stability, the central topics of this analysis.

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An Insider’s Guide to Neobanks: what is it, and how does it work?

Everything is changing and modernizing in the world. What seemed convenient and comfortable yesterday may cause discontent and inconvenience today. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has forced humanity to change its views on global trends. Innovative technologies are penetrating all areas of our lives, including the financial sector.  Soon, all traditional banks will be replaced […]

Types of Banks and Their Functionality in 2023

Banks are the center of the financial system. It is a special credit institution that specializes in accumulating money and placing it in its own name for profit. The banking system is a unity of constantly developing and interacting financial and credit institutions that perform banking operations both in full and in part.

Electronic payments: pros and cons

Just a quarter of a century ago, the main way for the average consumer to pay for goods was by hand-to-hand transfer of cash, where the other party was a salesperson, cashier, bank employee, etc.

Exploring the Evolution of USDT: A Journey through History, Victories, and Risks

These days, you can see a huge number of digital currencies. They are all different, but interesting in their own way. One of the most famous cryptocurrencies is USDT (Tether). Crypto traders use virtual coins such as Tether to make transfers between different cryptocurrencies, or to transfer their investments into or out of a fiat currency. 

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