We’re Growing – Join the PaySaxas Team!

We’re in search of a highly skilled Smart Contract Developer for the TRON Blockchain. This is a unique opportunity to join an innovative project that has the potential to revolutionize the finance and decentralized application space.

You’ll play a critical role in the development, testing, and optimization of smart contracts on the TRON network. With a firm grasp of Solidity programming language, TRON Virtual Machine, and web3.js library, you’ll drive the development of decentralized applications, ensure the security and efficiency of smart contracts, and bring new technologies and tools to our development processes.

We’re looking for candidates with strong experience in blockchain, cryptography, smart contracts, and decentralized application development on the TRON platform. Involvement in the TRON developer community and experience with other blockchain platforms is a huge plus.

In return, we offer flexible working hours, a competitive salary, and the chance to participate in an exciting, game-changing project. Not to mention, you’ll have the opportunity to attend summits and conferences worldwide on the company’s dime 🤑

Does this sound like the perfect fit for you? Please send your CV to hr@paysaxas.com or reach out to @DimaBTC on Telegram.

Let’s shape the future of finance together with PaySaxas! 💼💡

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